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Business Solutions

XTREME and key equipment supply partners have created all-in-one altitude solutions for the commercial market. 

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Complete altitude fitness studio solution bringing together class programming and management, gamification technology, quality fitness equipment and an exciting studio design. 


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Wellness Zone provides passive based altitude environments to promote wellness and recovery in the commercial market sector. The design allows multi-room altitude capability to suit the clients requirements.



Hotels & Dormitories

Hotel and dormitory multi-room package provides complete flexibility to manage upto 200 rooms through the central HUB Management System. The system delivers ionised hypoxic air to create a safe altitude environment with continuous air and surface disinfection and to maintain highest standard of IAQ. The central system provides localised room control with internal room display.

Altitude Pod Sleeping Room

 Modular Altitude Pod is developed for hotels, institutes, universities or professional teams which want to create a sleeping facility without the massive expensive of building sleeping dormitories. The design uses existing space within a building with minimum infrastructure changes.




GEO Rooms provide high levels of oxygen and nitrogen negative ions to enhance recovery and wellness. The wall mounted ionizer delivers million of ions/cm3 for the area enhancing the conversion of energy and regeneration process in the body. 

Convert your current wellness, recovery or treatment room.

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