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XTREME provides a diverse range of product lines utilising the latest in technology to deliver cost effective, energy efficient and COVID safe solutions for the commercial market.

The product design provides the following competitor advantages:

1. Remote Access - Providing full remote access and control of the altitude system from local computer, iPad, iPhone or Android Device.

2. Co-Polymer Membrane Technology - Providing upto 25% efficient operational advantage over competitors which provides smaller service room footprint and power consumption design.

3. Digital Oxygen Sensor -  State of the art laser optical measurement technology which provides direct digital communication from the sensor which eliminates electrical or noise immunity interference compared to 4-20mA analogue sensor.

4. HYPOXIC Ionized Air - Integration of the bi-polar ionization provides a continuous disinfection of the rooms air and surfaces by neutralizing up to 99.9% of the covid virus and other pathogens, bacteria and mold maintaining a healthy altitude room.

The package provides altitude control for single room from 30 to 150sqm. System is controlled by a 10" Touchscreen with remote access and optional 24" TV Room Display showing the current and set altitude. The systems provides the flexibility for daily scheduling, fully digital platform, multiple safety features and maximum altitude of 5000m.

Pinnacle Single Room Range

Commercial Three Phase

The packages provides the flexibility to operate 30 to 150sqm dual altitude rooms independently from a single 10" Touchscreen Controller with remote access and single generation system. There are 24" TV Display screens in each room showing the current and set altitude. The system enables independent daily scheduling for each room, fully digital platform, multiple safety features and maximum altitude design of 5000m. 

Pinnacle Dual Room Range

Commercial Three Phase

Commercial Three Phase

Zone Technology provides the next level of flexibility for a commercial facility. Utilising the single or dual room design it enables the facility to double or quadruple the altitude room delivery capability. Single asset feeding up to 6 rooms catching different market sectors.   

Pinnacle Zone Technology

High Oxygen Room conversion provides the escape from living at altitude with full remote access and control. The product provides the flexibility from single or multiple room conversions. 


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