XTREME provides a diverse range of product lines utilising the latest in technology to deliver cost effective and energy efficient solutions for the commercial market.

The package provides altitude control for single room from 30 to 150sqm. System is controlled by a 13.3" Touchscreen with optional 24" TV Room Display showing the current and set altitude. The systems provides the flexibility for daily scheduling, multiple safety features and maximum altitude of 5000m.

Pinnacle Single Room Range

Commercial Three Phase

The packages provides the flexibility to operate 30 to 100sqm dual altitude rooms independently from a single 13.3" Touchscreen Controller. There are 24" TV Display screens in each room showing the current and set altitude. The system enables independent daily scheduling for each room, multiple safety features and maximum altitude design of 5000m. 

Pinnacle Dual Room Range

Commercial Three Phase

Commercial Three Phase

Zone Technology provides the next level of flexibility for a commercial facility. Utilising the single or dual room design it enables the facility to double or quadruple the altitude room delivery capability. Single asset feeding up to 6 rooms catching different market sectors.   

Pinnacle Zone Technology


AtmosAir™ air purification technology actively contributes to better health by restoring indoor air to its natural state where no pollution or contaminants exist — while reducing energy use and emissions in the process.

AIR Purification and Disinfection

KALLOS provides passive based altitude environments for the commercial market sector. The design allows multi-room altitude capability to suit the clients requirements.


High Oxygen Room conversion provides the escape from living at altitude or ability setup a treatment room for therapies. The product provides the flexibility from single or multiple room conversions. 



Altitude Pod Sleeping Room

 Modular Altitude Pod is developed for hotels, institutes, universities or professional teams which want to create a sleeping facility without the massive expensive of building sleeping dormitories. The design uses existing space within a building with minimum infrastructure changes.

Altitude Factor    Display powered by MOTOSUMO provides the interface between the client and the altitude environment through wearable technology being displayed on a central screen. The display provides feedback on Altitude Calories with a comparison to Sea Level Calories, Heart Rate and Altitude Intensity Level.




XTREME is an exciting and dynamic company being industry leaders in the simulated altitude world since our founding. XTREME provides over 15 years of industry expertise, delivering reliable, state of the art technology throughout Oceania, North America,  Asia, Middle East and European Regions.

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