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100% Results Driven |100% Value Added

ACCELERATE  Zone is designed to offer a boutique style circuits and HIIT class experience. The ACCELERATE concept is a turn key solution to make every square meter count in a competitive marketplace. 


Motivate and engage your customers through the ALTITUDE FACTOR advantages, effort monitoring and gamification.  


Make Accelerate Zone a premium part of your fitness portfolio to give members an acceleration to there fitness goals.


Using premium reliable brands with a structured layout, instructor education and real-time technology to give your members the results they expect. 


Make group workouts and individual training enjoyable and stimulating by capturing the power of the altitude environment and challenges.


Accelerate Change

Accelerate Zone is designed to offer a safe, engaging, and motivating HIIT zone to experience the advantages of altitude training. Utilise the latest in cloud based Altitude Factor Display technology providing real-time monitoring making your sessions competitive, engaging and boost clients motivation. 


Accelerate Package

Accelerate Zone utilises the latest in altitude generation technology, digital control platform, integrated plasma ionisation air purification and surface disinfection technology, client data and gamification interface, and cloud based management program platform. Package also includes wall decorative panels, lighting design, central flooring exercise pattern matts and implementation support package.


Accelerate Room Layout

The floor plan layout is divided into 3 sections to cater for 18 clients:

1. Cardio Area - Climbers

2. Floor Area - Core/Agility/Functional Movement

3. Strength Area - Functional Benches

Floor Space: 80sqm or 862sqft

Roof Height: 2.7m or 10ft


For information on the ACCELERATE Zone please contact or fill in the following contact form and select ACCELERATE Zone in the product range field.

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