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Developing An Altitude World

XTREME manufactures simulated altitude or hypoxic systems for the commercial market sector providing custom design features to maximise demographic reach and client market differential. 

Commercial Product
Simulated altitude training equipment with digital management platform and leading hypoxic ionisation technology
Altitude By Design
Create your own boutique altitude training room with XTREME accredited suppliers.
Air Purification
Bi-Polar Ionization technology actively contributes to better health by restoring indoor air to its natural state where no pollution or contaminants exist.
Accelerate Zone
Accelerate Zone is a complete altitude fitness studio solution powered by XTREME and utilising leading equipment suppliers.
KALLOS design provides passive based altitude environments for the wellness and recovery commercial market sector
Hotels and Dormitories
Utilising leading hypoxic ionisation technology to deliver a continuous fresh and sanitized altitude room.
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XTREME has been a reliable manufacturer and distributor of simulated altitude training equipment for over 10 years. The digital platform and energy efficient technology provides a smart, cost effective solutions for single or multi-room altitude facilities in the commercial market.   

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