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Education Pathway

The ALTITUDE FIRST INTERNATIONAL Education program develops your teams knowledge and skills through a combination of online theory and face to face workshops. The development of an in-house head trainer combined with the AFI online platform ensures ongoing support and education for new team members.

Courses and Workshops


The foundation theory course is designed for accredited fitness industry professionals and strength and conditioning coaches. This online course provides the theoretical application of simulated altitude training (SAT) for clients. The course includes an overview of the history of SAT, terminology and physiological adaptations to SAT in response to a variety of training conditions.  It also includes client screening and assessment, SAT progression, integration and periodisation, workout structure and session planning.

ALTITUDE FACTOR TRAINING is a programme for fitness industry professionals, giving clients maximum benefits and results. Altitude Factor Training offer clients multiple programme structures.


These practical workshops focus on THREE Key Advantages:
1. Improved time efficiency of exercise
2. Increased metabolic demand leading to accelerated weight loss
3. Improved body composition profile through fat loss and maintenance/gain in lean body mass

Programmes include:

FAST, FAST20 Blast, Alti spin, Alti Yoga, Alti box, Alti Pilates

Sporty Woman Lifting a Medicine Ball
Sporty Woman Lifting a Medicine Ball


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