Kallos products provide a one-of-a-kind relaxation and recovery lounge, utilising the remarkable, science-backed power of Altitude in a lounge setting.  It is completely adaptable, is safe, passive and has no contraindications, suitable for all ages, and delivers out-of-this-world benefits.

The package provides altitude control for single room from 30 to 150sqm. System is controlled by a 7" Touchscreen with optional 24" TV Room Display showing the current and set altitude. The systems provides the flexibility for daily scheduling, multiple safety features and maximum altitude of 3500m.


Commercial Three Phase

The packages provides the flexibility to operate 10 to 20sqm multiple altitude suites independently from a single 7" Touchscreen Controller. There are 24" TV Display screens in each room showing the current and set altitude. The system enables independent daily scheduling for each room, multiple safety features and maximum altitude design of 3500m. 


Commercial Three Phase


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