The Next Evolution

Of Fitness Classes and Training

XTREME brings over 10 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, and experience in providing international technical support for the installation and operation of the product. 

With growing trend towards boutique and cost centre driven spaces in new or existing clubs equipment distributors have been challenged to present business solutions which will add that uniqueness and a greater financial return for the facility owner.  XTREME provides that solution through an altitude based facility and in combination with existing product lines your business can excite the market with a unique cost centred based offering which is technology driven. Provide your sales team that extra point of difference and market advantage.

XTREME provides a complete suite of products:

1. Single  or Dual Room Altitude System

2. Zone Altitude Technology - multiple room altitude system.

3. Altitude Factor Display System 

XTREME International is seeking established and reliable Dealers or Agents in the following regions.


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