Air Purification Packages


XTREME Air Purification Range provides a low-cost, easy-to-install solution that significantly minimizes the risk of airborne virus transmission. Unlike traditional HVAC systems, the Air HEPA systems can be mounted throughout the facility providing a dispersive filtration capability without the need for major facility renovation, power supply capacity increases or additional ductwork.

The air purification units provide single directional flow to maximise the filtration area footprint, quite operation and multiple sizing to fit the air exchange demand for your facility.

Features and Benefits Include:


  • Clean air with HEPA filtering 99.97% of airborne particulates/pathogens.

  • Provides the room upto twelve air exchangers per hour

  • Improved reliability and air filtration effectiveness via facility dispersed filtration design.

  • Enhanced safety for club members

  • Increased member confidence in returning to the facility

  • Easy to install and use standard 110/240V power

  • Significantly lower cost than complete HVAC modification

XTREME is an exciting and dynamic company being industry leaders in the simulated altitude world since our founding. XTREME provides over 15 years of industry expertise, delivering reliable, state of the art technology throughout Oceania, North America,  Asia, Middle East and European Regions.

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